200mm Double Column Semi Automatic Bandsaw Cutting Machine

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January 7, 2019
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January 12, 2019
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200mm Double Column Semi Automatic Bandsaw Cutting Machine

NU-TECH Engineers is a well known Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine Manufacturer located in Surendranagar Gujarat. We have an experience of 23 years in metal cutting industry. With our innovative products we are responsible for manufacturing excellent metal cutting bandsaw machines. 200mm Double Column Semi Automatic Bandsaw Cutting Machine is one of our manual metal cutting bandsaw machines.

Specification of 200mm Double Column Semi Automatic Bandsaw Cutting Machine

Technical Detail Value
Cutting Capacity Round Dia.(mm) 200
Cutting Capacity Rectangle(mm) 200 X 200
Main Motor H.P. (1440 RPM) 3
Hydraulic Motor H.P. (1440 RPM) 1
Coolant Motor H.P. (2800 RPM) 0.15
Cutting Speed (m / min) 20 – 70
Blade Size 3700 X 60 X 1.1
Floor Space Size L x W x H meter Approx 1.25 X 2.35 X 1.5
Single Indexing Stock (mm)
Multiple Indexing Stock (mm)
Band Tension Hydraulic
Saw Feed Control Hydraulic
Hydraulic Tank Capacity (Litre) Approx 40
Coolant Tank Capacity (Litre) Approx 80
Net Weight (approx.) Kg. 1500
Total Power H.P. 4.75
Cutting Taper Accuracy, for En-8mm /100mm ±0.2
Cutting Length Accuracy mm / Index
Wire brush motor H.P. (1440 Rpm.) 0.25

Our goal is to deliver the best quality products to our valuable customers and as an outcome we are having large number of satisfied customers in India and abroad as well. Our versatile product range is capable of fulfilling the changing demand of the current metal cutting industry.

We have a wide range of Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic metal cutting bandsaw machines.We manufacture regular speed and high speed metal cutting machines.NU-TECH Engineers Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine Manufacturer in Gujarat.

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