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Are Bandsaw Blades Worth Sharpening?

Bandsaw blades are regularly disposed of when they become dull. The main special case for this would be a carbide-tipped bandsaw blade, some of which can have the dependable carbide tips honed. Given the number of teeth on a bandsaw blade, the expense to have a honing administration hone a blade rapidly adds up. Since a carbide-tipped bandsaw blade will cost above and beyond $100, spending 33% of the expense of the blade to get it sharp and working like new again can seem OK.

Nonetheless, most of the bandsaw blades are not worth burning through cash to have honed. The bandsaw blade stock is created on mechanized gear, with the grate of the teeth shape, the solidifying of the cutting tips, and the setting of the teeth generally finished with the curl stock going through profoundly aligned assembling machines. The completed loop is many feet long and the blades are then sliced to length and welded. For a honing administration, setting ready for grating the number of teeth on a blade is work concentrated. What’s more, the insignificant arrangement of the teeth on the blade of a bandsaw would be difficult to recreate with a honing administration. It would be far-fetched that a honing administration could cause a honed bandsaw to perform like another substitution blade and the charge to hone would be almost equivalent to the substitution cost.

Having said this doesn’t imply that once the blade is dull, you were unable to endeavor to resuscitate it. The dull blade is simply going to be disposed of so you could attempt to hand sharpen the bleeding edges. You could utilize a round jewel document and have a go at dressing the teeth. Either your work works on the cutting skill of the blade or it doesn’t. On the off chance that fruitless, you are just out your time. We have not heard from clients attempting to hand hone blades and don’t think many endeavors to make it happen. The method isn’t exceptionally aligned, however again you have relatively little to lose on the off chance that the blade is dull and not cutting at any rate.

we propose to our clients that when they are done with their resawing task, eliminate the bandsaw blade from the saw and drape it on the divider – fit to be introduced again for the following resaw task. Save the sharpness of the bandsaw blade for the afflictions of resawing and utilize a more affordable universally useful blade for your everyday cutting of stock in the shop.


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