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May 29, 2019
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Bandsaw Machine

NU-TECH Engineers is one of the greatest Bandsaw Machine Manufacturers in Surendranagar, Gujarat. Our brilliant Bandsaw Machine will facilitate your metal cutting and wood cutting work. We make bandsaw machines extending from 175 mm to 450 mm which are circulated in three classifications.

Our best quality programmed Bandsaw Machines are appropriate for a wide range of cutting needs. They are primarily utilized in workshops and in-car businesses.

Our main goal is to deliver the finest quality products to our esteemed clients. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority so to achieve that we actively participate with them for any problems. Our versatile product range ensures cover up your every technical need required for your business.

Our exclusive range of Semi-Automatic Bandsaw machines can be an important part of your system to get the job done. 330mm Double Column Semi Automatic Bandsaw Machine is one of the excellent products we manufacture.


330mm Double Column Semi Automatic Bandsaw Machine

Technical Detail Value
Cutting Capacity Round Dia. (mm) 330
Cutting Capacity Rectangle(mm) 330 X 330
Main Motor H.P. (1440 RPM) 3
Hydraulic Motor H.P. (1440 RPM) 1
Coolant Motor H.P. (2800 RPM) 0.15
Cutting Speed (m / min) 20 – 70
Blade Size 4100 X 34 X 1.1
Floor Space Size L x W x H meter Approx 2.5 X 2.5 X 1.5
Single Indexing Stock (mm)
Multiple Indexing Stock (mm)
Band Tension Hydraulic
Saw Feed Control Hydraulic
Hydraulic Tank Capacity (Litre) Approx 45
Coolant Tank Capacity (Litre) Approx 80
Net Weight (approx.) Kg. 1600
Total Power H.P. 4.75
Cutting Taper Accuracy, for En-8mm /100mm
Cutting Length Accuracy mm / Index 0.2


Also, take a look at our 450 mm High-Speed Bandsaw Machine

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