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Bandsaw Safety Tips

The following are a couple of general safety tips for utilizing your bandsaw:

  • Try not to wear gloves or baggy attire. As referenced, gloves and free attire has a higher possibility of stalling out in the blade.
  • Continuously wear eye assurance when you utilize a bandsaw or any power device. Pieces of wood or saw blade could fly out and harm your visual perception.
  • Keep your work area spotless and liberated from unnecessary sawdust. Residue and particles can develop in and around your saw blade and prompt the material to slip or tie on the blade.
  • Trust that the engine will hit maximum speed before you make any cut.
  • Make a point to lay the stock level on the feed table. Bandsaws are incredible for resawing yet don’t rush the cycle.
  • In the event that you want to make a calculated cut, utilize a miter measure or bandsaw tear fence to assist with the cut. This is the most secure and most precise method for utilizing your bandsaw to make cuts at explicit points.
  • Keep your hands at least three inches clear of the blade consistently.
  • Utilize a push stick to facilitate the wood closer assuming that the cut line is nearer than three inches.


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