June 16, 2022
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What Makes A Bandsaw Blade Last Longer?
June 21, 2022

Variables That Affect Bandsaw Blade Lifespan

While bandsaw blades are for the most part seen as having more limited working lives than higher-quality aftermarket blades, a lot of the lifespan of a bandsaw blade is subject to how it’s utilized. Here is a portion of the various factors that influence the life expectancy of a bandsaw blade:

  • Length of the blade
  • The material the blade is developed out of
  • Material that the blade is regularly cutting
  • Standard feed rate
  • Whether the blade was tensioned when using
  • Whether the blade is very much kept up with and cleaned after use

Since there are countless various factors that influence how long a bandsaw blade will endure, giving an exact estimation is troublesome. In the event that a blade is top-notch and in capable hands during and after use, it can endure above and beyond a year or more. On the off chance that a blade is inferior quality or isn’t worked or kept up with accurately, it very well may be dulled considerably more rapidly.

What Happens When a Blade Breaks? There are two or three unique ways that a blade can break or glitch. Here is a portion of the manners in which a blade breaks or becomes glitches, and why it normally works out:


This issue can be caused by different issues — the woodchip necks becoming stopped up, free parts in the band saw, or an ill-advised number of teeth in the cut.


This issue is the consequence of guides that have gotten broken down, directs that are set excessively far separated, overabundance strain in the band, or a deficient
butt weld.


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