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What Speed Should A Bandsaw Run At?
July 19, 2022
425 mm DCSA bandsaw machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturers, Bandsaw Machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturer, Bandsaw
Why Does The Bandsaw Blade Keeps Coming Off?
July 23, 2022

What Is The Set On A Bandsaw Blade?

The bending out of the bandsaw blade’s teeth left or right, and away from the blade is known as the tooth set. It attempts to give a straighter cut. The tooth set cleans the chips off of the kerf, permitting the band back to clear the cut without restricting or becoming trapped in the material.

The set will change contingent upon the planned cut. A tear saw has a tooth set like the point utilized on an etch, tearing the material separated. A flush-cut saw has no set on one side, permitting the saw to be spread out level onto a surface and cut without scratching. The set of a blade’s teeth can be changed utilizing a saw tooth setter. There are four normal kinds of tooth sets: Raker or Regular, Wavy, Every Tooth (E.T.S.), and Variable or Modified.

  • RAKER or Regular Set comprises of a dreary example with one tooth set to the right, the close to the left, and the third (called the raker tooth) without a set. This setting type is best on uniform size material. It is likewise utilized in form cutting. The use of this tooth set is ordinarily for cutting thick and strong metals and segments on even removed machines. Additionally relevant for shape cutting and resawing on vertical bandsaws.
  • Every TOOTH Set (E.T.S.) is like the standard set design however without the raker or unset tooth. All teeth are set both ways in a rotating and rehashing design, giving 33% additional cutting teeth. They are particularly great for use in foundries cutting non-ferrous castings. Magnificent for wood cutting applications and gives a quicker cut and a smoother finish.
  • WAVY Set blades have set teeth to the left and right, exchanging all through the band. This lessens the strain that happens on independently set teeth, making the bandsaw more appropriate for various shapes and thicknesses without evolving blades. The plan additionally assists with taking out tooth stripping while cutting dainty areas of the material and is suggested for light-obligation bandsaw machines. Utilized principally for cutting more slender area tubes, pipes, meager sheets, and other little shapes. The wavy set offers a scope of uses better than the raker/ordinary set.
  • VARIABLE or MODIFIED tooth set comprises of teeth set on the other hand both ways at customary spans however with a raker tooth left-right-left-right-raker design. Superb for cutting various shapes and lines from 15ml thickness on up. A decent decision for cutting wood on any 2-wheel, upward, fixed bandsaw.


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