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What Is The Bandsaw Feed Rate?
June 30, 2022
425 mm DCSA bandsaw machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturers, Bandsaw Machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturer, Bandsaw
Does Bandsaw Need Oil?
July 5, 2022

Why Does Bandsaw Keep Jamming?

‘Increment your bandsaw blade life and execution’ we covered some essential arrangement methodology, to help with expanding blade life. Presently we should take a gander at a portion of the better places, and hints for the assurance of a trustworthy accuracy cut.

1. Worn Wire Wheel

Issue – most of the bandsaw machines have wire wheels fitted. The wire wheel has an urgent capability of eliminating the swarf. Any development of the swarf in the neck should be cleared. On the off chance that this material isn’t gotten out as the tooth reenters the cut, there is a high gamble is of the tooth breaking, and the blade can be obliterated in minutes. It turns out to be significantly more basic during cruel cutting applications where intensity can develop quickly. Once in a while, this can prompt hot swarf welding itself to the tooth.

Solution – Regularly check and change the wire wheel. An accurately mounted wire wheel should be situated at a slight point to the running course of the blade to really flick the swarf away. In a perfect world, the swarf brush should spring stacked to guarantee it keeps in touch with the teeth.

2. Skewed Drive Wheels

Issue – It is basic for genuine wheel arrangement, that the space between the back edge of the blade and the lip on the drive and inactive wheels are somewhere in the range of 0.5mm and 1.5mm. In the event that the back edge of the blade is in touch with the wheels, burrs and microcracks will shape under the tension, bringing about the blade exhausting early. This scouring will make the back edge of the blade become work-solidified, becoming weak and breaking. Wheel arrangement isn’t handily checked, and is a principal defect with numerous bandsaw machines available today.

Solution – To accurately run an Excision Bandsaw Blade, wheels might should be acclimated to hold freedom between the band back edge and rib of the wheels. The ideal freedom is a min of 0.5mm and a maximum of 1.5mm, this should be checked when the blade is under pressure. The Drive and Idle wheels are bearing mounted onto shafts. It could be important to eliminate the Wheels and fit dispersing washers or like bring the Wheels into arrangement.

3. Worn Guides

Issue – All bandsaw machines have an aide framework, which helps the blade in running valid and straight in the cut. In any case, after some time guides break down and gather a development of fine swarf and buildup. This prompts grinding to develop, affecting the sides of the Bandsaw Blade, causing miniature breaking and blade breakage. There are two fundamental kinds of guides – carbide guides and metal ball guides

Arrangement – The aides should be routinely checked, cleaned, and changed in accordance with a guarantee that there is no development in the essence of the aide. This should be possible in the wake of eliminating the Bandsaw Blade, dismantling the blade guide gathering, and tidying out swarf develop and filings. The Roller course can be supplanted and the essence of the carbide guides is linished to reestablish an even surface. Ronak suggests that all bandsaw machines ought to have carbide guides – this ensures ideal blade life and precise cutting over the existence of the blade.

4. Mistaken tooth pitch

Issue – Having the right tooth pitch is critical to guarantee most extreme blade life and a perfect completion to the cut. Ronak suggests somewhere in the range of 5 and 8 teeth in the cut at one time. On the off chance that there are such a large number of teeth in the cut this will make the teeth necks become full and lead to teeth stripping and breaks from the necks. This likewise will prompt meandering and incorrect cutting. In the event that there are too couple of teeth in the cut (teeth are excessively enormous), this will likewise prompt teeth stripping and breaks from the necks. Insufficient teeth likewise make sticking and at times bending the item you are cutting, particularly slim walled pipe.

Solution – Selecting the right TPI relies upon various key elements, for example, the material to be cut, the length of the cut, and the thickness of the item being cut. Contact Ronak for a proposal to suit your application.



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