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Why Is Bandsaw Burning The Wood?
April 26, 2022
425 mm DCSA bandsaw machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturers, Bandsaw Machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturer,
Is A Bandsaw Safe?
April 30, 2022
425 mm DCSA bandsaw machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturers, Bandsaw Machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturer,

Why Is Bandsaw Smoking?

The bandsaws have multiple problems, smoking is one of them. A Bandsaw can be smoking due to the major 10 reasons.

Motor Overheat

At the point when we are working involving a Bandsaw for quite a while, its motor can be warmed because of rubbing and power. The armature is turning inside the motor, and brushes are contacting the commutator. Whenever the brush contacts the commutator, it very well may be warmed. At the point when the power and coils are warmed excessively, their liquefying parts can be softened because of hotness, and the smoke can ascend.

Capacitor Burning

Because of the hotness up, capacitors can’t store the electrical charge. Overheating causes high inner gas strain inside the capacitor case. Whenever the capacitor is burning, you can feel the electrical smell. At the point when the capacitor is burning, we can notice the motor isn’t starting, overheating, and vibrating the motor.

Sawdust Burning

Sawdust is the garbage of the wood. At the point when the sawdust is placed into the motor, it can consume because of the motor revolution. Whenever the sawdust enters the brush region, it can dry crushing, and therefore, smoke can rise. Whenever the lignin is liquefied because of hotness, sawdust can stick to an ever-increasing extent. Whenever the motor is warmed up, lignin can be dissolving, and sawdust can be singed because of motor turn.

Dull Blade

The dull blade isn’t sharp as the need might arise to cut the wood. At the point when the blade is dull, eliminating the chip by cutting it sharply can’t. It will in general scratch the wood with high RPM. Thus, wood will in general consumed because of rubbing. You can notice a scratch mark on the cutting surface.

Misangle Blade

Whenever we cut the wood, we ought to keep up with the legitimate point. We need to take care of the workpiece right along the saw blade pivoting way. Whenever the blade point is slanted, and when we push the workpiece towards the blade, it will scratch with the blade, and hotness will go up because of blade revolution. Thus, it will consume, and smoke will rise.

Wrong Blade Height

At the point when the blade height is excessively low, teeth rubbing can be high. Accordingly, you can see a few splinterings from the top surface. Because of high contact, you can see a few consuming imprints, and some of the time smoking can rise.

Dirty Blade

At the point when the saw blade is utilized constantly, sawdust can be gathered on the blade surface. Here and there lignin liquefying likewise builds this. Some time thickness of the blade can be expanded because of this sawdust. At the point when we utilize this sort of bandsaw blade, we can notice extra scraped spots. Accordingly, the surface can be warmed up, and afterward, smoking can rise without any problem. So keep the blade clean assuming it is dirty.

Bent Blade

A bent blade or harmed blade can make the wood smoke because of the grating. Whenever the blade is bent it can scarcely contact the surface while pivoting. The surface will be damaged and it will become dark on a superficial level. The bent blade can cause smoke on the bandsaw table, and utilizing the legitimate blade, we can decrease that.

Inclined Workpiece

Whenever the workpiece is inclined and it is out from the cutting line, it tends to smoke because of the hard scratching blade and wood surface. Ordinarily, the workpiece ought to be agreed with the cutting blade and cutting way. Whenever we push the inclined blade surface, contact the workpiece. So heat up and smoke rises.

Incorrect Cutting Speed

The cutting speed of the wood piece ought to be viable with the RPM. In the event that the RPM is high, we can take care of the material high rate. On the off chance that the feed rate is regulated and RPM is high, it will contact the surface a lot of time, and because of it, we can see consume blemishes on a superficial level by smoking the bandsaw.


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