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What Is The Set On A Bandsaw Blade?
July 21, 2022
425 mm DCSA bandsaw machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturers, Bandsaw Machine, Bandsaw Machine Manufacturer, Bandsaw
What Is The Best Quality Bandsaw Blade?
July 26, 2022

Why Does The Bandsaw Blade Keeps Coming Off?

4 Possible reasons your Bandsaw Blade Keeps Coming Off


The primary spot you can check is the real blade itself. The most well-known justification for why the blade is sneaking off is that there isn’t sufficient pressure to keep it on. Blades can gradually turn out to be free following quite a while of mileage, and ultimately, you’ll have to fix or supplant them. A few carpenters have a costly instrument called a strain meter to look at this; others go by the blade.

In the event that you don’t have the device and you need something a touch more solid than your ear, this is your specialty. To actually look at strain, cautiously press against the side of the blade while the machine is off. In the event that the blade pushes more than ¼ inch, now is the ideal time to fix your blade strain.


One more variable to mind in the blade is the manner in which sharp the blade teeth are. A dull saw blade is similarly basically as unfavorable as free blade pressure. At the point when the saw blade is dull, it won’t slice through material is simple, compelling the machine to show more power to cut it. Accordingly, the blade could be driven over the wheels. There are multiple ways of deciding whether your bandsaw blade is dull. First is by taking a gander at it cautiously.

On the off chance that you can see harm or clear dullness, now is the ideal time to supplant the blade. One more method for checking is via cautiously contacting a blade tooth with your fingernail. A sharp blade will result in a scratch on your nail, while a dull one will just slip across the nail. The last way you can decide whether your bandsaw blade is dull is by utilizing the bandsaw. See how the saw works and how flawlessly it cuts.


One more region to check is the elastic wheels. Assuming your blade sneaks off after you apply extra strain, yet the blade isn’t dull, then your blade might be tumbling off of the elastic tires. The most ideal way to check whether this is the offender is by basically checking for any mileage on the elastic tires.

Any sign of harm could be sufficient to slip the blade of your bandsaw. To stay away from this, keep the elastic tires looking great by cleaning them with a wheel brush. One more method for forestalling harm to your elastic tires is by removing strain from the blade when it isn’t being used. Doing this will keep trenches from framing on the tires.


The last conceivable motivation behind why your bandsaw blade keeps coming off is from wheel wobble. This happens when the bearings can never again uphold the wheel. Accordingly, the wheel shifts back and power, possibly thumping the blade free. You can actually look at this by physically turning the wheel. In the event that there is any wobble while you turn it, you could need to supplant the bearings.


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